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It is the age-old debate, soft luggage or hard luggage. I went round and round and took in the thoughts and ideas of others, but ultimately settled on a company that had durable, waterproof, practical and looked damn good on the Bonnie – very important. I am using the Siskiyou Panniers.

Tank Bag

2014 Fandango Tank Bag Pro with an outfitted clip for ease of gas cap usage as my bike does not have a center cap. The tank bag is easy to unzip and take with me for a backpack (made a set-up to zip it into backpack straps). It is the perfect height for maps and  has a top compartment to keep it dry, and all the things you need at hand and quick access of the camera for that perfect shot. I love the zip-on attachment for ease of access and also the upgraded front clip specific for the Bonnie from GL for my fuel access.


Tillamook Dry Bag-

This bag is my roof…keeping my home on the road dry and safe. Within this dry bag I keep my bedding, tent, chair…pretty much my house and furniture all fits into this bag! It fits perfect along the bike of the bike strapping easily to the Siskiyou Panniers and when body aches from the long road hit, it creates a comfortable back rest. 38 liter 100% waterproof bag, a perfect edition for the adventure.


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