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Moto Clothing

With a year on the road and going from deserts to mountain tops I needed to have a variety of gear at the ready and still be as light as possible for the weight added to the bike. I gave myself a limit of 1 pannier for all my clothing needs for the trip!


Moto Clothing

At OX I met the great crew of REV’IT, and timing was ironic and worked perfect with fit and durability for the trip. REV’IT is my sponsor for my riding gear. What I will be wearing from REV’IT:

Sand Ladies riding gear (Jacket & Pants) described by REV’IT as “the perfect adventure companion for worldly women who don’t stop for directions but instead are confident in finding their own way.” …um just might be a perfect fit!

For the rainy days – Pacific – H2O rain suit, with high-visibility neon yellow, figure my black on black elegant styling needs to bend a little because when in a rain storm I don’t think it is the best idea to have a black rain suit, black bike, black bags, and helmet…might not be the best for vis…so I went with the high-vis option.

For the Hot days – Cooling vest, Cooling Wristband Flux and Cooling Neck Collar – uses HyperkewlTM technology that releases water over time to cool you naturally using the evaporative process…excited to give this a go, brings me back to being in Science Club – I will be my own experiment!

Socks- summer and winter

Gloves – Summer set – Winter / rain set –GORE-TEX

Cold weather under-layers – pants and shirt

Daily wear / Underclothing

The clothing -3 regular underwear, 2 riding underwear, 2- socks, 1-tanks, set of cuddle duds/ PJ, 1-winter layer tights –also used for leggings, 1 short sleeve and 1 long sleeve t-shirts, a pair of jeans, swim-suit, 1 runners shorts, 1 sports bra, 1 regular bra…

On the long distance days where I am in the saddle for more than 150 miles I wear Moto-Skivees – these are a padded under garment for the type of ride your are doing (cruiser, adventure…)


The boots

I first went for a versatile Merrell all weather – waterproof mid-calf boot that I can hop on the bike with and hop off and hike in as well. They are super comfy and I have been riding in them for over 4 years. Then just a month before departure they start to really show the wear and tear, so I went with an all-weather, waterproof riding boot made in Italy.


The Socks

I went with Smart Wool – keeps you warm in the cold, and cools your sweat in the heat. Easy to wash up and quick to dry. I also received two pair from REV’IT a summer and winter riding set.


REV’IT information: – USA http://www.revitusa.com/en-us/,   Europe: http://www.revit.eu/

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