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Governor Arts Awards

Quickly packing up a few more “To Sell” boxes and then up stairs to put on a dl-couture gown and enjoy the pleasure of “dress-up” that never gets old.

I was honored again this year as a nominee to the Governors Arts Awards (2011 & 2014). It was a lovely evening and I am always impressed with the lifetimes that have been dedicated to art and culture.

One of the Individual winners that really stuck out to me was Anni Beach and her work with the art of music and inspiring youth. She stood out to me on many levels, and the strongest is that has never become a 501 c 3 and just continues to fund all her projects herself! I loved this as my humanitarian companies are just the same and it is few and far between that I meet someone who will say back to me, “never do it, keep doing it yourself, never do a board.” Cheers Anni to the hard work and dedication you have shared throughout the years. I raise my glass to you.

More about Anni and her work with music and the Neighborhood Blue’s and Grass band: http://www.jampak.com

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