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Storm before the Calm

Storm before the calm, at 2:30 am I woke with the realization that I would be on the road, full-on adventuring, in less than 4.5 month! My heart was racing and I tossed and turned waking up exhausted wondering what the hell am I doing. I knew that I would still be going there was no question, but the walking away and career breaking for a year, was I crazy.

I never doubted that I would be leaving. Mind you half of my house is either packed for storage or listed on Craigslist for sale, so where was all this anxiety coming from. I am not quite sure where or why but I know that the storm dissipated when I opened my email and had the attached image from Iain Harper of the Ted Simon Foundation. My badge was approved and ready, I was now listed as an official Jupiter’s Traveller. My grin was ear to ear and warmed my heart and ravaged any anxiety that was left over from my sleepless night. I am taking the steps that are right, and are towards adventure and filled with unique and memorable experiences. I am not sure what I will learn on the road but it will be a “road education” that will change my life, I have no doubt about that.

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