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Test Ride – T-4 months

Trying to plan for a year on the road can be daunting…the stress becomes limited with mini-adventures. In these I am able to test my gear and supplies and find out what works and what does not, and what I need to learn to eliminate user error.

Overland Expo fell at the perfect time. I had received my sponsored luggage from Giant Loop and my tent from Lone Rider and was ready to give it all a test-pack and set-up. I decided that I would try to take all items I would be taking on my big adventure. It is T minus 4 months until the big departure and this was a perfect time to give it all a go.  This video is test of the camera equipment and riding!




4 Comments on Test Ride – T-4 months

  1. You have chosen a very ambitious trip! Good for you! I, too, have a Bonneville Black, 2007 model. It’s a good machine. I’ve done some “light” touring on it so if you ever have any question about the bike please reach out. Again, best of luck!

  2. Looking forward to reading about your trip and experiences, I have travelled a bunch on my Bonnie (2 weeks at the most), and it is a superb bike for just about any paved road. You have probably heard all kinds of advice, which I felt compelled to also impart. Instead I offer one word…windscreen. LOL I hope you have the experiences of a lifetime! Enjoy and post!

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