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Helmet Time

For weeks I have found this trip was not yet my own, I was trying to see all that I could and still make it in time for planned talks, news programs, and visits…all were lovely and a blast but I had yet to detach the way I originally thought would happen on a solo adventure such as this….until this week!

As I was leaving Oregon and going into Northern California I started to feel everything on a rawer level. The changing of the leaves seemed more vibrant, the air more crisp and as I contemplated why, I realized for the first time there is nothing – not a specific time to be anywhere, nobody is waiting on – or expecting me…it is just me and my “helmet time.”

The next day I started to feel my emotions even deeper – I rode through the twisty mountain roads just me, Amelia, nature, and Snap Judgement podcast.  I love this NPR program and back home on Sundays at 5pm I rewound to 1950’s and turned off everything but my radio program…I sat like an 80 year old grandmother and knitted or puzzled as I listen to the artfully crafted program. It was powerful then but now with just my helmet and the sounds and power of stories and interviews of 5 podcasts I laughed, and cried silent tears, and I smiled in the simple joys that I was feeling by letting myself go!

4 Comments on Helmet Time

  1. Ah,Helmet time. My favorite, also. The world is big and wide and wonderful. We must appreciate each moment.
    They do not come again.

  2. Great to hear things are going well!

  3. Even a full face helmet can’t mask your grin we just read about. Truly 2 wheeled wanderlust at it’s finest.

  4. I am so very excited about your journey and have made it a part of our family conversations. My boys ask me about you often. The Ingram family is following your tracker and blogs. You have inspired my boys to think out of the box, plan their journey, and jump right in.

    Keep living your dreams!

    You will inspire many more people along your path.

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