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Hwy 1

The coast of California, Oregon and Washington are well-known rides, and having been on parts of them before – I found beauty in the ever-changing elements of life.  Part of my first week and into my second was spent on the famous coast hwy 1 and the 101.  I had perfect skies and saw elephant seals, whale migration, many birds, and even Zebra…yes I know Zebra in California! (they are part of the cattle herds of the Hearst Castle-which I finally enjoyed the tour of after years of just passing by)

I camped near the coast, enjoyed cold ocean breezes and hot summer-like days.  The weather could not have been more perfect for the coast stretch that has such variety even if I turned and rode it back down again the trip would be a completely different element that was not enjoyed on the first go round.  That is the true beauty of travel in my eyes, even if you go to the same place…you never experience it in the same way.

It was also on Hwy 1 that I blew my daily budget with a $55.00 campsite, and it just blows my mind the price of camping today! It was a lovely site though and quiet in terms of people…but all my camping along the coast was always close enough to the ever popular highway that you still had the continuous car noise that brought back memories to my city life left just 3.5 weeks ago! It feels to be moving so quickly and slowly at the same time. I have heard the rhythm of the trip will find its tune at about a month and a half…so until then, I will ride and enjoy the journey of what the scenic roads and by-ways of the US has to offer!

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  1. you sound like an exciting and interesting person. I really enjoy your picture along highway one and the Bixby bridge. This has been my dream vacation to go along the California coastline. I look forward to hearing about more adventures. I,’ll be commenting again. take care and be safe

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