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You Can’t Go Home Again

They say you can’t go home again…so of course I did just that.

tucson arrival 5

A change in plans to be a part of a great project for the Arizona Production Association as we filmed a TV Pilot and gave me a new route to head home and visit the folks and my baby girl (yep my cat)! You may notice the droplets on my pants – she slobbers when excited, pretty much the coolest cat – she is 13 and I have had her for that long. My parents are taking care of her while I am out on the road, and I had missed her dearly so was great to hangout!

There had been many technical issues on the road with learning MAC I-pad and figuring it all out…completely user error but it was nice to get back to my suitcase filled with alternative computer equipment. This enabled me to finish the formatting for my e-books (Philanthropic Wanderlust and Purposeful Wanderings) that had been on my to-do list  for months now. I was able to get back to my stored portable hard drive to get into my “prep” videos and work on building my first webisode! It was fun and spent a good 7 hours one day and was not even halfway there – I am excited for the outcome!

Got caught up on  my photo uploads, postings, and all that jazz!  Was also greatly spoiled – you may have heard me mention my DSC_0834mother’s cooking talents…but I received a variety of all homemade goodness.  From Indian meals to a full mini-thanksgiving and yes it included pie and dads famous cranberry muffins! And of course nights of games from Farkel to Phase 10 and Rumi Cub!

Was a great needed multi-day break after 1.5 months on the road and was able to re-tweak things and received my new warm winter liners from REV’IT so I am prepped and ready to head back out…and speaking of food – grandma set me up with a new load of dehydrated meals ready for the road (and the week before my aunt gave me some of their mushrooms that they gathered in AZ ). I know I am spoiled…

It has taken me a bit to get in the groove and my good friends that have taken these extended adventures have let me know after about the 1.5 month mark you feel in your element…and they are right – I am ready to depart south for the winter and take on a new adventure on paths I have never ridden!

2 Comments on You Can’t Go Home Again

  1. teresa.metz@usoncology.com // November 3, 2014 at 7:56 pm // Reply

    So nice to hear from you, I was thinking about you today and wondering when you would be heading out again. Very glad you had a nice time at home and will be praying for you as you get back on the Black Top again.

  2. Debbie Shepard // November 5, 2014 at 5:06 pm // Reply

    When you get fed like that you gotta love going home. Just downloaded your books on my kindle (unlimited) Thanks.

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