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Been Dumped…did I dump Amelia, or was I dumped…the age old question.

The first time occurred due to the beauty of Mt. St. Helen’s I completely blame it on her! I had driven by a gorgeous view and stopped right after up the hill and pulled out of the lane – I cranked the wheel – should be an easy turn, I mean I was turning to go back down the hill…but as I cranked the wheel (completely stopped mind you)  looked to make the turn on this awesome spot to make a turn around in a blind curve and bam – foot slips and I go down.

It was fast and all was good until I tried to get up and realized my foot that slipped went right under my saddle bag! All was good with the ankle as I have soft shell so it was padded but I could not pull it out! Begin a mild panic-here I sat in the middle of one lane, on a blind curve, and could not get my leg out – then the smell of gas-leaking and puddle next to me…so I took my right leg and began to move the bike by pushing (scratching my windshield as I huff and puff to push it off) and then I see a truck in the opposite lane. I causally wave from the ground-just an everyday hello and they pull off to come help me lift it off.

A woman jumped out first ran to me and once I told her I actually had ZERO mph and just fell over from a stopped position she yelled back to her father and uncle that I was okay. We got the bike up and then the father – probably in his 70’s said to me – “can I ask you something personal?” I said, “yes for sure you just picked me up off the road!” -“what kind of gun are you carrying, there are lots of crazies men out there!” I laugh and stated that I am okay and thanked them for there help.  We all laughed and got back to that beautiful picture spot, a little sorer than if I would have stopped the first time.  (This post was delayed in talking about as had to tell mom and dad in person to ease them into the post for when it happens again…and don’t you know it the day I left their house on road to New Mexico…I got dumped again in the sand going to my wild campsite in Gila National forest)

Had a great ride all day yesterday, skipped my wild camp spot in AZ as the National Forest spot had heavy gray clouds and it was still early so I rode on to NM.   Riding up the 90 and into Gila National Forest I began to look for forest road turn outs for the perfect campsite!  I found Gold Gulch road, and as I turned onto it there was what looked like a pedestrian path to the left and a wider road with truck tracks to the right…I went right and within 40 seconds quickly realized I was in a wash and the sand below my tires was getting deeper and was moist from recent rains… not mud but definite not the easiest-I should have gone left! I road on for a few feet and began to wobble.  I attempted to save it with speed but all it did was speed up my second dumping of the trip!  This time there would be no others coming to help lift, I was off the beaten path and tried to pick her up…once, twice…by the third time I looked up the hill saw a perfect camp spot and began to unload the weight. Once I had all the top bags off I set up the camera…I mean this is the stuff you have to tape…I hit record and walked over determined to pick Amelia up on the first attempt.

I planted my feet, got the proper posture, squatted and with a mighty grunt began to lift…it was working she was going and so was I – deeper into the soft sand. As my feet sank in I was maybe three inches from having her upright, and right on cue both calves began to rapidly cramp and were on fire, I could not lose the momentum so I got higher on the tip-toes and fought through the cramps….and then on the first go Amelia was upright! I was beaming and out of breath but was proud that in that sand I was able to do it…I could not wait to see the video and see how I really did, review my posture…and of course I must not have hit record hard enough I missed it  – my first big soft dirt dumping and lifting…ahh well there are always the memories…and the sore muscles this morning as a reminder.

5 Comments on Dumped!

  1. teresa.metz@usoncology.com // November 7, 2014 at 5:55 pm // Reply

    All I can say is go with God, you are freaking me out.

  2. Well I am glad to hear that all is well despite the dumps… Lol… I have dumped my bike more than once. It’s both embarrassing when it happens and also frustrating especially when we can’t get the bike back up by ourselves. Lots of learning going on I am suretjays what these joirneys are about…. Take care and maybe see you on the road… Later alligator …😜

  3. Boy can I relate! All of my dumps have been low/no speed, but lifting my 600+lb RT has left me sore more than once. If I am getting off pavement I like to do a short survey walk to check out he path and make sure I can turn around (without falling over). Stay safe and thanks for the posts. I really enjoy following your adventure.

  4. So glad you are okay! Know you are in my thoughts…you go girl! So very proud of you.

  5. Glad you are okay! Safe travels!

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