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Street Stories – 1

The dark alleys, under the cardboard or curled in the overhangs of public doorways, the street corners or at the gas stations these are faces of the few we often forget and push to the back of our minds.

imageBy choice or circumstance meet those women and men, and often children who make up “Street Stories” a documentary and photographic journey of the men and women living homeless on the streets of the US.

The compilation of the documentary and photo collection will not become a reality until after I have complete my year-long journey, but I wanted to share with you – Toby,  a homeless man and his dog on Bourbon Street!

Part of this journey is in the hand knitted hats, I was able to complete about 40 before I departed and my goal is to make sure that they are delivered to at least one homeless individual in each state. Toby picked a perfect green and beige that matched his jacket!

3 Comments on Street Stories – 1

  1. Grace Stocksdale // November 21, 2014 at 2:45 pm // Reply

    The sad part is that you don’t have to go far to run into homeless. Tucson is loaded with the homeless. Many that struggle with mental illness, drug addiction, alcoholism … and then you find the teens and the families. The states don’t have the heart nor the stamina to take on such a problem with our society as their are too many other hardships to concern themselves with. And of course there are always the “posers” that make it difficult for the real homeless.


  2. Another sad reality is that some of them choose to be homeless by choice and yet we’re trying to force them to conform into our expectation of how we should be living. Yes it is difficult to the difference between “posers”, those truly needs help or those who chooses to live on the street.

  3. There is also those of us who willingly give up our homes and travel. Shelter becomes our challenge each night. I have been homeless because of drug addiction. I have been a budget traveler looking for a place to stay. One is a temporary adventure, one is a place of overwhelming sadness. Thanks for giving out hats Danell

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