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South Padre Island, TX

I moved around a lot growing up…and well…I guess I never grew out of it – but as a teenager in High School I spent a year in England and then moved to Texas to finish out the last 3, and never once did I drive all the way to the coastal towns.

Now I have, I finally visited South Padre Island almost 15 years after living and leaving the state. Determined to make it through the unbelievable Texas winds and the encroaching “Arctic Blast” I arrived for a 2 day stay in the Deluxe Cabins of South Padre KOA…deluxe – meaning I had a lovely little kitchen, a couch, table, linens on a real bed and a private bathroom and shower (no need to share the camp stalls) and TV’s where I learned of the storms mass and the week it would spend right in my planned path! It was lovely, and right on the water – and the fact that I had to use the heater in normally 20 degree warmer town was not a bother because I had a heater and was not out camping in the 32 degree and sometimes lower nights that this weather front brought in.

imageSo yes it was cold, but could it be a better time to have 2 days in a cabin? ย The Lodge# 1 – Castle in the Sand – faces the water and I opened all the blinds and enjoyed evenings watching the Pelicans fly in and swoop down picking through what would become their dinner! There is a gracefulness to the large birds – that is until they land on the water with more of a plop and it is a wonder how they ever get their fish with the amount force smacking into the waters!

Most KOA’s are privately run but available through the US and Canada and you can find and look at the types of Cabins, RV spot or Tenting available throughout the nation. In just 2 months of my trip I have done tent camping in a KOA in Benbow-CA, Camping Cabins in Alamagordo-NM, and Deluxe Cabin in South Padre-TX and Victoria-TX. (you can find all of these wonderful stays and more at http://www.KOA.com with an interactive map of locations)

3 Comments on South Padre Island, TX

  1. hello from all of us at benbow koa let us know when you get back to nor cal be safe

  2. teresa.metz@usoncology.com // November 24, 2014 at 3:21 pm // Reply

    I’m so happy you are being so blessed on your trip. It sounds wonderful.

  3. Hello Danell,

    Sounds like a pretty awesome time, glad you are having so much fun…๐Ÿ˜„. I will now be embarking on my own adventure, heading all the way south and back again… Take care talk to you later keep safe and no dumping… Lol ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘Œ

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