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The Jaws of Life

It is the little things in life, truly that bring joy.  And while on this trip I am beginning to feel the power of this age-old statement!

Take for example these extra-large shark heads…I saw this one on the coast imageMississippi and another that I was trying to reverse into…it would have been a perfect pic in South Padre but the woman at the store came out and said NO! I thought oh great could you at least take my picture on the bike in front…NO again…oh well, was still awesome to put Amelia into so many Shark heads!

And now I am in Florida and only time will tell if she will get photographed in yet another Jaws moment.


3 Comments on The Jaws of Life

  1. Bob Robinson // December 1, 2014 at 8:31 pm // Reply

    I talked to you for a few minutes today as you just finished gEttinger gas and were about to ride west from Ft. Pierce heading to Okeechobee. I noticed your license plate was from AZ and asked if you rode from there and I was amazed when you said yes. I also said that I was truly envious of you making this trip, and I am! Your ability to do what most of us motorcycle enthusiasts only dream about doing. I hope that you continue to live your life as you are and never loose that sense of adventure.
    From one biker to another, Continue to have a wonderful experience now and through life.

  2. Bob Robinson // December 3, 2014 at 3:01 pm // Reply

    thanks Danell for getting back to me so quickly. I’m curious as to where you’re headed. From Okeechobee its wide open and just wondering if you have already travelled through South Florida or not. After reading your blogs I noticed you’ve been through New Orleans, where I graduated from high school back in the day. It was a lot different then but the French Quarter never seems to change. I’ll continue to follow you by reading about your travels and comments. I find it all very interesting. do you have a plan of direction or just taking it one day at a time? are you riding just the side roads through the country and avoiding the main highways? there’s a ton of questions I’d like to ask but will save some for later. Be safe

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