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Best Kiss in Florida…

The vastness of terrain and life in Florida makes for many memories and photographs. A not to be missed chance is snorkeling with the Manatee’s in the fresh springs throughout the state!

I did the swim in Crystal River, and although it was an unseasonable cold day with fog and at only 38 degrees, I excitedly jumped into the water (which sits at about 74 degrees). Sounds warm but after a while you shiver uncontrollably…but completely worth it when the gentle giant swims right at you and comes to your face for a manatee kiss! This is actually them seeing you better through touch from their whiskers and is a wonderful experience!


The visibility was not the best so often I did not know they where there until I felt a bump on my knee or side, and then if you slowly put your hand out and pet them they turn around and come back for more! They love their belly rubbed! This is something I would definitely do again and again and some houses sit right on the river…how wonderful would that be to just wake up have your coffee, have a swim with the Manatee’s, spend the day writing, and maybe have a swim again!

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  1. from atlantic beach fl. looks like you having fun

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