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Home for the Holidays!

I have often spent Christmas away from my family as an adult – mostly while traveling out of country and working with Threading Hope and Highwire – but this year being stateside it was hard not to be home for the traditions. Mom’s homemade cinnamon rolls and dad’s Christmas chili! So with only 6 days til Christmas I decided to head home for the Holidays.

Riding from Florida to Arizona in 6 days made for a heck of a journey. After winds and a bit exhausted I spent half a day in Roswell, NM and got some fun Alien local brew for the family. The next day was cold and snow warnings throughout my path – so I took the high road where snow was not in the forecast…but as I found out – Ice was!

I have learned to laugh at moments that might otherwise bring stress, but going down at slow speed while trying to record my “great ice riding” is simply humorous!  Even though under 5 mph my shield was shattered in the fall because it was frozen! I was fine, landing on my hip pads in my Rev’It gear was a comfort and left me with no bruising!

The Ice fall was a surprise but the bigger surprise was not 10 minutes down the hill and out of the ice now into sunlight, and who comes around the corner as I attempted to gas up-no no not Santa and 8 tiny reindeer but who else but my dad on his own two wheels! It was awesome and the extra set of hands to help with the duck tape fix until I could metal stitch the shield was definitely welcomed!  We had a blast riding the last 400+ miles back to Tucson, AZ for a family filled holiday celebration!image



3 Comments on Home for the Holidays!

  1. What a great dad!!!

  2. Happy New Year! Be safe.

  3. Ingram Family // January 6, 2015 at 5:24 pm // Reply

    The Ingram Family is cheering you on along your journey!

    We can’t wait to read about you in Guinness.

    I’m glad you were able to make it home for the Holidays.


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