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Being a solo female riding a Triumph around the nation gets looks – often of concern, occasionally of doubt, and sometimes grand looks of understanding and support for my year-long undertaking. The supportive looks have come in 3’s over the last 15,000 miles.

I have had great support and honest maintenance from coast to coast and  the central US. Even though on a solo-expedition I have found partners in the Triumph Dealerships across the nation.

There are 3 in particular that stand out due to great service, great work, and all around great people!



My first grand stop was at Triumph of Tacoma.  A very organized shop and service area. I felt nothing but welcome and they took great care of me not only getting my new tires  on and rear brake pads but they did a full look over to make sure I was good to go!  They made the process easy and all I had to do was drop off Amelia and enjoy the ride!


Fast forward to my 10,000 mile marker on the road! I was visiting my great aunt in Florida and met the great guys of BMW Ducati Triumph of Daytona. By this time I had a broken side panel from high winds in TX & NM and just had it held on with duct-tape, I had burned through another set of tires…and what I received was beyond – above and beyond! Not only did I learn that plastic can be welded (and the service manager actually showed me the new tools and taught me how it works) so they fixed my side panel, did value adjustments, lubed and checked everything, unbent my kickstand, discounted my new set of tires and just blew me away with kindness and willingness to be a part of my adventure.

I learned at the Dayton shop that in about 5000 miles I would need to replace my chain and sprocket, and determined to get the most I could out of it- I rode on…Amelia had another thought.  At about 14,500 just hitting El Paso, TX heading back to the East and staying south for the winter – I stopped for gas and was welcomed with a new noise from my front tire…was it flat-nope, was it the break pads-not sure, the odo cable-nope…I made it .8 miles to a hotel and took it to Viva Powersports the very next morning. I had not heard this noise before and wanted to learn what it was. They were willing to let me be in the bay and work through it with them. Diagnostic began and after ruling out my first few thoughts, they then moved to looking into the bearings…and yep a bad front wheel bearing! Did I mention this occurred on New Years Eve so getting parts around the holidays meant delays.  They were great about it though and also offered to update my chain and sprocket and fix the front bearings, so I found a hotel and was glad to outstay the ice rain storms and tornados that were in my path east anyways, was a needed break and gave me writing time while they took care of Amelia!

Thanks greatly to the amazing relationships I have had thus far 4 months, 15 states and almost 15,000 miles on the road with Triumph dealerships! Cheers to you guys!

3 Comments on Triumphant Dealers

  1. Clara Sutton // January 5, 2015 at 10:33 pm // Reply

    I find your trip very interesting and I am proud of you and your progress.Happy New Year and Happy Trails..Stay safe…C.S.

  2. thanks so much aunt Clara.

  3. Be glad you aren’t in North Carolina tonight, it’s COLD here! Happy Trails!

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