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Elvis’ 80th

Feels fitting to do my post about my December visit to Graceland today – on Elvis’ birthday – he would have been 80.

Riding into Memphis on the 19th of December, a good friend of mine (fellow motorbike rider) and I visited Graceland, I on my Triumph, he on his new BMW.  It was made special not only because of where it was Graceland but in landing there on my 3 months on the road anniversary!   We got to walk through the Mansion, his airplanes, the car museum and more…it was great.

The thing I did not know about Elvis was all the charity work that he did, I knew of some but not to the extent I do now. There are those that change the world with their fame as Elvis did, and those that use their fame to change the world and make it better – as I now know Elvis also did!

It is quite odd when you first arrive as the mansion just sits right off a main road – and you park on the other side and take a bus right across the street. It is a dance they have learned well and coordinated with the thousands of visitors each year.

I grew up listening to “oldies” Rock and Roll and have danced to Elvis more often than not, his music just gets into you and the rhythm flows …you get a little shake whether you mean to or not! Happy 80th!

more pictures on the BT2BT gallery pages – week 13!

Loved this picture in one of the old buildings – the outdoor studio / office area. image


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