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Disintegration Dilemma

As far back as I can remember the disintegration of things past has always held a beauty for me. As a young teen I would go out and take pictures of dead plants, or peeling dead bark on old trees – this grew into a love toward old buildings no longer able to be a home but the structure still strong and filled with experiences, stories and history!

Maybe it is a metaphor of sorts for life – as we age our structure breaks down but there is still such beauty and life held within – I am not sure exactly what draws me to these buildings but I find myself photographing them often on this journey.

Whether condemned buildings boarded up in the Florida Keys or falling down historical properties in New Orleans, to the outskirts of Natchez, MS where I found the amazing old barns and buildings for the photographs in this blogpost – I am endlessly drawn to them.



See more pictures of Louisiana and Mississippi in –Gallery-Week 17

5 Comments on Disintegration Dilemma

  1. Grace Stocksdale // January 24, 2015 at 12:17 am // Reply

    I wonder what these old walls once withheld …. love or hate.


  2. Danell,
    You are looking good, my friend. The journey is smoothing out. Where are you tonight? Hope not in the RAIN!
    Keep up the good work. You will have memories that will keep life interesting .

  3. Did get caught in the Rain 😦 in a hotel for the night in AL hope to be back on the road tomorrow and off to another campsite in Georgia!

  4. Loved your recent images and fully understand your compassion for this subject matter. Wishing you the forests peace and the grace one finds there… EH Alberts

  5. I share your fascination. Old tree stumps & driftwood, barns & fences. All was meant to decay & return to the earth. Then we invented plastic. Big time oops!!!

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