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El Camino

Dreams are always changing and to see my home country from the backroads and travel through farmland and desolate communities is magnificent and humbling at the same time.

One of the roads that held both these elements and so much more was the US Highway 84 – El Camino 5-State East/West Corridor. At 1,729 miles long it stretches from El Paso, TX through LA, MS, AL, and into GA.

While traveling through TX the ride is a historic older part called the El “Camino Real” in Spanish – translated to “The Kings Highway” named after the historic trail that connected to Mexico as part of old settlement routes. The road today varies from rolling hills of farmlands, grazing cattle and horses, to open roads for helmet-time contemplation, to tree lined empty paths (I was often the only person on the road for long periods of time) to the occasional friendly fellow biker wave that always puts a smile on my face.

Having ridden this path through all 5 states it is a road I can say with confidence is worth a ride! I throughly enjoyed the path and journey it took me down!

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  1. I also took 84 west from Georgia to it’s end in Pagosa Springs, Colorado last spring. Old US roads are the way to experience the country.
    Ride Safe.

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