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The Sounds of Camping

It’s 2am and the screeching wakes me – with a quickened heartbeat and slow shallow breaths! I sit up, pull my ears out of my sock hat, and push down my mummy sleeping bag so as not to block my ability to hear how close this pack of coyotes might be!

They were in the camp – close but another campers dog scared them-or alerted the owners and they scared them away-me well I sat awake for another hour envisioning the thin walls of my tented home and how quickly a hungry pack could easily find me. I was one of 2 tents, the rest RV campers and the other tenters at least had their hunting truck.

Alas not all noises quicken the heart, many slow it way down. One of the most special sounds is natures lullaby to sleep. Filled with joys of clicking insect wings, and before the dusk settles the birds that help put the world to rest. Within the hour of darkness – silence sets in-as if to say “goodnight world-rest well” and usually I do!

Occasionally you get the odd squirrel feet running across the top of the tent, after a thud as they jump / fall from the trees! Thank goodness the sun had already crested or this moment of humor and fascination just watching these little feet go back and forth in a manic manor trying to find a way down.  If it had been dark and I was unable to see what caused the noise in an active imagination this could easily been another heart pounding moment!

I tend to go to bed with the light, as the sun goes down I venture into my tent, pull out my Kindle and read until I fall asleep. No sounds of alarms, no pressure to depart my day or wake up for the next, just the pure essence of circadian rhythms reminding me when to rest and when to wake.

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  1. From Peter Pan……..the shepherd’s song,, one sheep is in the garden, two are in the meadow and three are in the nursery…….fast asleep, fast asleep…… I use it every night.

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