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Winter Weather

In an advert for heated gear I once read “because nature has mood swings.” And oh how true that has been this winter!

I have either been running from or hiding within these “Winter Storm Warnings” all named –from Frona to Iola and Arctic Blasts to Nor-Easters’, I have had them all in the south as the entire country has had it – record lows for winter in many areas since the late 1800’s! Crazy! It has had me held up indoors longer than expected at times, but also finding pride in the courage of tent camping in these odd winter conditions. I do have to say I added an old army issue wool blanket to the kit as I could not stay warm with just the sleeping bag and liner. (thanks to mom and dad for the lend of this much-needed comfort) I also now ride in heated gear!

I am okay getting out of the rain or weather and enjoying a hotel stay! It has been a joy camping in so many states, I hope to plant tent pegs in every state – thus far 10 of the 15 I have visited I have camped in (2 of the 15 were just drive thru that I will definitely revisit) The weather has effected when and where I can camp for example the most recent venture through the El Camino Corridor I camped in TX, LA, MS, but had to hotel in AL as Iona hit, so I will hit AL as I loop back at some point. Part of the joy is the ability of an open trip to be able to say that – I will just figure it later and loop back in!

Weather has not taken away anything in my journey thus far and as I have said in response when chatting with people met on the road who question my thoughts in “traveling at this time of year” –When traveling for a year-winter will hit no matter what time of year I would have departed, that is the consistency of season – winter occurs every year…as does spring and summer which currently I look forward to for the northern states!

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