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Art in a Cow Pasture

Spending a week in Madison, Georgia was a gem of history and enjoyment. My time was filled with touring old southern homes, historic museums, and an art museum situated in the middle of a cow pasture in Buckhead, GA.

Steffen Thomas, was a talented artist in many mediums, well know around the world for his mosaic and sculpture, as well as for his “hat ladies” in paint.

Born in Germany and spending most of his life in Atlanta, Georgia he apprenticed as a young teen with a stonecutter, he was gifted and well taught as an artist and a poet!

I have had a postcard of one his painting since I was teen, and little did I know I would visit the town where his daughter lives and the museum of his work is housed.  Was captivated by his mosaic sailboat kitchen table that has short legs and sits low to the ground, and the cat sculpture rendered as a celebration of the family cat named “Peter” there were works based on all the family cats -and yes they all had the same name…Peter the first, Peter the second…

His work and his lifestyle was touched by the expressionist notions. Often his work can be compared to Picasso and some to seem touched and drafted with the same hands but then others stands on its own in strengthen of talent. It is a great little gem off a little highway in the middle of a cow pasture!

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