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Photo Shoots

photo by Triumph America

A week of photo shoots started out with Design & Build Magazine. We took over the center of the street in downtown Madison, GA and took photos over the railroad tracks! I look forward to seeing the outcome!

Then the next day had Morgan County Citizen photo shoot for upcoming article in the newspaper! And the day after that another newspaper came out to shoot for a profile piece by Richard Hodgetts for the Lake Oconee News which covers, Green and Morgan Counties.

It will be great to see these all come out in print, one of my favorite things is seeing the creative spin that media takes and does with the story. I was elated for these three shoots and then I went to visit Triumph Headquarters in Atlanta!

Stayed on an extra day for an exciting moment to do another photo shoot with Keith May for Triumph America. We had a blast shoot around the Mason property with over 200 years of history.

I will depart Georgia having had a wonderful time and many unplanned joys. I will head west, the plan was east coast but with 10 degree below normal temps for the next 10 days and in the west 8-10 degrees above normal I will head back and take in the camping in AL, AR, and OK that I did not get in yet- and maybe a few days in Nashville if the nights stay nice for walking around town and hearing all the local bands!

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