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Turbulence of Tires

Until this journey I had not experienced the joy of feeling a tire blow out and puncture flats, nor had I before glowed from the pride of safely riding the flat and wobble to the shoulder and not falling over.

I knew this trip would have so many “firsts” for me but having my first and second rear flats – I can say with confidence it will be okay if those are the only two times I have these experiences! Not only are they what must be causing the new gray hairs I have popping up but the price of flats over the wear and tear from riding is just not so appealing! (5 rear tire replacements in less than 5 months- I am okay without the flats for sure!)

I often will just get in a groove of the road and it causes a moment of panic…”was that a wobble?” Then I bounce out of the groove and take a deep breath.

Flats in both California and Texas, I cannot complain about them – truly as they both occurred in amazing locations. Close to my destinations and near to dealerships… considering some of the roads I travel for hundreds of miles between cities and rarely seeing other drivers…it could have occurred in not so great conditions. So if it has to occur I have been blessed in the locations and time / date they occur somebody is keeping an eye out and all I can say is, “thank you, and it would be okay to no longer have a flat!”


5 Comments on Turbulence of Tires

  1. teresa.metz@usoncology.com // February 6, 2015 at 3:27 pm // Reply

    I’m so glad you are okay and God is looking out for you. You are an inspiration.

  2. les pneus d origine ne sont pas extraordinaire et 2.4 a l av et 2.8 a l arriere sont les meilleurs valeurs (.Avec de préférence des amortisseurs plus performants et confortable );
    le pneus Michelin Pilot activ sont bien plus agréables ! rien a voir et mêmes pression.

    • Thank you for the advice, I can’t remember if I tried the Michelin Pilot, I know I had one of my five a Michelin…I have had so many different ones it is a good way to test I guess.

  3. Hi Danell. I don’t know how many miles you are getting from your tires, but I got only about 6,000 out of the rear stock Metzelers (usually double for the front). I have switched to Pirelli Scorpion Trails and when I last swapped out the rear recently I had about 14,500 on it with some tread left still. The Pirellis also handle on the street very well and are dual sports, albeit 95% street/5% dirt. They are an improvement off road from stock for an occasional dirt road excursion. Best of luck! Mike (Road Dog Publications)

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