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When it is talked about “your family” on the road, I can’t help but feel that my desire for Amelia – a Triumph Bonneville being the definite right bike for me, in meeting the Triumph family at the North America Headquarters in Atlanta I felt a wonderful welcome and knew why this bike felt like family from the start.

People at Triumph headquarters did not ask “why”, they knew the why to a trip like this and they understood that the “why” is not always clear or of dramatic depth…sometimes the why is simply the desire… the need to just get on Amelia and ride!

It was always the difficulty before I took a year off – I would ride Amelia to work – only to find I hated stopping on the ride home and just wanted to keep going. And sometimes I did I only lived 4 miles from the office so I would take the long way home some days and add a 50 to 60 mile commute loop before taking off the helmet!

Many during my visit had similar stories and desires. It was also great to see the history lining the walls of vintage Triumph posters and current celebrities that have used the bikes in films or in music videos! It is an office but feels more like a walking fine art collection of Triumph – what a neat desk / work space to come into each day!

Very glad to have met with so many smiling faces and really felt like a welcome home- so cheers for that Triumph-! And big shout out to Todd for the great tour and the history of so many stories, and to Beth for connecting us all and Jessica for making the tour happen. Really had a wonderful time! See you all out of the road!

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