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When I travel internationally I always try to experience the culture down to the level of foods eaten. It is fun to try new foods and experience different ways of eating old foods. Just like my travels abroad on this trip around my home country I wanted to eat local area foods.

The United States is a vast and diverse country- from landscapes, to culture, to food. I have enjoyed trying to get local eats in the places I visit and have had great luck in the south thus far. From traditional key lime pie in Key West, to fried catfish and lima beans in Mississippi, collard greens and fried pickles in Memphis, TN and grits in northern and southern Florida, kind of like Italy the way they eat it in the north differs from the sugar and milk in the south!

As well as old loves like cafe con leche in Miami and Pastilitos in Florida City! Not to mention the grapefruit sized avocados in Florida with the beautifully buttery texture and so much delicious avocado meat more than 3 cups in each side!

I have been getting such variety and great foods, but I do miss on the road…my blended shakes filled with greens, chai, fruit, vegis, seed, figs, etc…an entire mixed variety that changes every time depending on if an afterwork mix or just a mid day hunger fix! I miss that meal / food the most!

I cannot wait to see what local finds I might get traveling the eastern shores! Cheers to great eats – see you on the road!


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