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Valentines Sunsets and Bike Bonding

Sharing a sunset with the one you hold a bond – that is what Valentines Day is all about-right?

It has been said that a line of crazy falls near to talking to oneself…what then is to become of talking to ones motorbike?

You go through a lot, trials and joys, beauty and darkness, and you build a bond unlike any with another of soul or emotion. It is odd to build a bond with an object but when you travel solo and you just kicked butt on that road and hit the dirt curves and stayed upright-your cheers just might be a tank pat and often in my case a “well done Amelia!” I need my cheerleaders of my trip and thus I am Amelia’s cheerleader!

We are a pair not bonded with a relationship of souls but bonded with the need for adventure…so she was not built for this type of ride I heard, she is a street bike… you cannot go at it alone…as a woman…it is crazy! We bonded in the joy of breaking what we are not to do! (something I have found pleasure often disproving what “can’t” be done, I think I was born with that gene of defiance of standard “shoulds” or preconceptions).

We have been with each other every day through 16 states and 17000 miles, through rain, snow, ice, sweat inducing hot days, and shivering cold days! We have ridden on dirt, gravel, asphalt, and a kind of combination road and made it out! She has been my rock when I feel overly emotional and has also been my cause of emotion on the road!

We are bonded, this trip has bonded me to a bike – my Triumph Amelia and I ride – we are one on the road, and take in both hands and on both wheels the adventure that is ahead of us!

3 Comments on Valentines Sunsets and Bike Bonding

  1. Written like someone in love with what they are doing. That is one of life’s greatest joys. The love pat on the tank is something all riders can relate to.

  2. The joy of being on the road can’t be put into words. I have had the joy of many miles, yet sit with a little envy of taking a year to explore our amazing country, but even more so yourself. Some of our greatest growths come on the rode as riders and I sit here excited about yours!

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