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A warm welcome on a Snowy day

Waking up to a snowy morning in Pinetop – Lakeside, Arizona… a cold start but a wonderfully warm welcome in Mrs. Denise Green’s elementary class for a day of cultural and travel discussions!

I brought my Cultural Coloring books to donate a classroom set to the students – each getting their very own and an extra for the teacher that she can make copies from for any lesson she would like! We talked about travel and the gifts it gives back, we had discussions for over 40 minutes based directly on cultural exploration and humanitarianism.  After our talks it was time to color! A lovely gesture when one of the students asked me to sign their books and then they all lined up. I wrote a personal message and chatted individually with each child it made the morning that much more special.


This class was a perfect fit for me to visit as community service is a part of their curriculum. We talked about the work they have done and the work I have done with Highwire and Threading Hope.  We had surprisingly philosophical discussions that blew me out of the water with the questions coming from such young minds (they are only in 3rd grade and very dedicated to making the world a better place).

Thank you to Blue Ridge Elementary for hosting me and Mrs. Green for inviting me into her class, and most of all thank you to the students who are out there making the world that much better to live in!

2 Comments on A warm welcome on a Snowy day

  1. I begin each day by tracking you to see where you are headed. I had this one right as I had figured you were headed to see Aunt Denise…..Congratulation on all you are doing…My love to you all…Clara

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