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Ghost Towns and Wild Burros

Leaving Kingman, AZ with a beautiful drive through the historic side of the city filled with murals, and vintage style gas pumps…drive a little further take a right onto Old Route 66 and head through a stunning ride into the mountains for a visit to the old mining town of Oatman, AZ.

Historic mining town centered around the gold rush of the 1800’s and now draws people to the joy of a “Ghost Town” -although there are shops and tourist items -it is a very touristy area but is filled with a charm all its own -making a mark with the “Wild Burro’s” that roam the streets.   (the burros roam but are used to the crowds of people that venture in, thus letting you feed and pet them)

Watch a high-noon gun fight between bank robbers or filter in and out of the antique shops…to be noted if you are coming in during the shootout and hit the Saloon for lunch you will wait over an hour, so if not much time would be an ideal little town for a picnic!

And if you are luck you may see the Burros take to the street for a duel, they did this a couple times-just be sure to be out of the way of those kicking back legs – although they are used to people they are still a wild animal!

See more pictures of Oatman in BT2BT online Gallery – http://bt2bt.smugmug.com/Oatman-AZ-Ghost-Town/

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