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Bluegrass on the Beach

Funny that I have lived in Arizona the last 8 years and just attended the 13th annual Lake Havasu – Bluegrass on the Beach Music Festival…better late than never!

It was a perfect break from the cold eastern temperatures!  I rode back west to spend a couple of days camping on the Colorado and then enjoying live music on the lake!   This trip has reminded me how much I truly enjoy live music…from Nashville to Key West, and now Lake Havasu… I definitely need more live music in my life!

Some great bands held the line up from Monroe Crossing to The Spinney Brothers and the show closer on Saturday night – Blue Highway (pictured as the feature image of this post) not to be forgotten – the stunning sunsets!




1 Comment on Bluegrass on the Beach

  1. Just can’t beat that down to earth good time Music good on Ya !
    Cheers Peter

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