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Taste of Dakar

So I was right off the strip in a hotel of Las Vegas and got a call that I should come out into the deserts of Pahrump, NV! I grabbed the bike rode through the Red Rock Canyon and off I went from a cozy hotel to sleeping in a car (I had left my camp kit at the hotel as at first I was just going to stay for the day – but after being at the event for a couple of hours I knew I would be staying)…and it was completely worth it!

Not just the stars in the sky and the beauty the nights hold out there but the group of people out at the Taste of Dakar were wonderful.

I did not do too much off-road riding but I did get to watch the Dakar podium holder – Jimmy Lewis teach an awesome skills class.  He makes it look so easy and I loved the fact that if people would say, “well but my bike…” he would then hop on and ride their bike for the same uphill skill on the quarry to show that it is skill and can be done!

Sand dunes to cracked sandbeds, dirt trails and winding valleys there was a bunch of eye candy for the ADV riders that came out. Amelia of course was the only Bonneville but was accepted and on opening night we shared the Right This Minute news feature that had just released and did a little chat with the group – which was a great intro and gave people a good starting point for conversation.

I met really neat riders -talked all things bikes and adv travel, I got to have my first true jam session with my harmonica – it helps when you play with talented musicians as they make you sound good – like a good dance instructor, also met up with Brad Barker of Ride of Your Like and we taped a podcast that will air in a couple of months. I have to thank Fonse my friend who sent the invite my way, and Kurt who helped me find my way when I arrived. It was a great event and good group of people – will have to join Jeremy and crew at one of their events in the future for some true Taste of Dakar riding! (for more information visit http://www.altrider.com)


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  1. Good to meet you at the gas station when you arrived in paramph. If you haven’t left town stop by Las Vegas BMW Motorcycles on on tues on your way out. Its right along the 215. Say hi to the guys. They would love to meet you. All adventure riders.

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