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Where do you go…

Working on my article for 2 Wheeled Wanderlust the Magazine for the Spring / Summer issue out in May and I couldn’t help but find myself thinking…

Where do I go from here…

Not in the literal sense of where – location, but when you feel completely vulnerable and open, and at the most centered that you have felt in years…where then do you go?

I am into my 7th month and have fun visits to dealerships lined up, new National Parks to visit and so many people yet to meet and places to see – it all just seems-well-ideal! And when you realize that the decisions you made 2 years ago to take this journey was the right choice in so many different ways…it is wonderful and odd at the same time because I have now passed through the halfway point. I am half way into my trip (glass half full) or over half way done (glass half empty)!

I have grown and seen some changes in myself in my time on the road, and have come far with expanding the social shell a little and let wonderful experiences in that I otherwise would have never chanced!

I have missed friends engagements, babies births / adoptions, and yet those friends are encouraging and supportive – it is beautiful to know especially as a military dependent – home and friends changed every 2 or 3 years-  now I have established a set of friends that will be with me for the rest of my life – they were here before I left on my journey and a new road family that has been growing – here will definitely be new additions to the family Christmas Letter I send out each year!


2 Comments on Where do you go…

  1. You are living my heart’s dream Danell! I am in awe of your courage. Please keep Newfoundland on your to do list! Cheers! Kevin Conran

  2. Our season for good riding is shorter, so when you hit the North expect some enthusiastic riders. 🙂

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