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Spring Break

When one first thinks about “Spring Break” adventures – the mind usually does not go on a trip with your parents. But that is exactly what made it into my calendar!

I took off from Las Vegas, Nevada and mom and dad left from Tucson, AZ – we met in Colorado for 5 days of riding and adventuring. After a long day of riding one of our stops was at the Joyful Journey’s for a stay in a Yurt! Glamping Colorado style!! And it was a natural hot springs so evening and morning dips were required.  (The cover picture for this post, ” Clothing Required” is from this hot springs).

We rode the Million Dollar Highway with snow packed sides, even made a stop for a snow angel and snow man all while dressed in our moto-gear.  As it needed to be we took a photo stop while riding by an active ski slope.  It felt amazing to ride through those mountains – the roads were perfect, as were the days – with only the need for heated gear a few times usually near the evenings.

We had a nice loop in Colorado and made it up to the Royal Gorge Bridge (read about it in this post: Royal Gorge), and then made it down to the Great Sand Dunes National Park before heading into New Mexico on route to Santa Fe.  The Dunes are a sight for sure and just odd – surrounded by powerful mountains sits these hills of sand ever-changing in the winds.

We would have two days together in Santa Fe which of course we kicked off in true spring break fashion! After arriving to our hotel, through some rain,we began to hang our jackets and CRACK-BAM! There goes the wall shelf and dad standing there catching the helmets, holding the shelf…so it may not have been a party that trashed our hotel- but when they came in to fix it and drilled it right back into drywall with no anchors and not into studs, we laughed and asked for an extra ironing board – that is where we hung our gear this time!

It is a cherished spring break not soon to be forgotten!


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