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Road Cheffing

Many people have asked how I eat on the road if I do not go out everyday…the simple answer – the same way I ate while living in a home – I take the time to cook it. I am also a vegetarian and there are places along the road that are quite hard to find sustenance  meals. Yes there is always a salad or mashed potatoes but without a protein somewhere in there – it will be burned through within the hour and I would be hungry again.  (I do also go out in towns when visiting friends or to eat some local foods which is great fun as well). The trip is a healthy blend of eating out and camp cooking, and the home cooked meals I receive sometimes while out traveling!

Much of this trip is “old-school” – I am traveling with no GPS just maps, I have a “dumb-phone” and no connection to internet unless in a hotspot, I am cooking my meals as I go, and I saved for 2 years before I headed out! So it seems natural to me that I would want to also cook while camping!

I come by my love of cooking honestly as my mother and grandmother are amazing cooks and it has become part of my trip for them to travel with me – not literal but in my panniers!

I have an entire pannier dedicated to food – not much for cooking just a pot and pan, collapsible bowl and cup, and a mutli-use set of utensils. Beyond that my I give myself two small / medium (depending on the brand you buy) stuff sacks that I carry dehydrated food in. I buy fresh while out on the road – I prefer farmers stands and markets but when they aren’t around I will hit a grocery time and again. My grandmother dehydrated many things for me to have variety out on the road, although I always have my staple of beans and rice if I need to whip up a quick meal. The benefit of grandmas foods is there are no additives and no salts (the kind you purchase is good for short trips but for a year it becomes unhealthy rather fast).  I also have seasoning packs from mom and of course garlic olive oil and balsamic, and even some hand-picked mushrooms dehydrated down from my aunt and uncle!

It will never be said about me, “she eats like a bird” I have always been a big eater and like food very much (the process and the eating of it) so being on the road with the support of family helping to send meal restocking is just wonderful.

So yes I cook on the road in a jet boil pot and pan, and from that you can make a lot.  There are many books out there for camp cooking and even if you feel it is too much to carry there are great ones out there for  bicycle cooking and they have even less space than I do :)!  I do carry protein bars for that mid-day pick me up while out there riding!

My favorite snack on the road is portabella mushroom jerky – just pick your favorite spice cut your slices and dehydrate – I used to make this back home as well…so tasty…although it takes a lot to make a little bag and if you are like me – you will eat this quickly 🙂 cheers to good eating out there on the road – and may it treat you well!

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  1. I love the idea of just cooking on a pan like this. Light and simple. I need to start doing this once I get out and do some hiking but in the meantime my family camping meals revolve around my Weber grill. It really makes being outdoors so much more pleasurable if you can eat like normal instead of just tinned food and sausages.


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