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Dixie Stampede

While in Branson, MO I took in a show ! I arrived on a Sunday – there was not a full variety of shows but it worked out as I have been visiting many National Park and National Historic sites that relate to Americas past – so to attend the Dixie Stampede was fitting actually.

It was fun to arrive into Branson, my initial plan was to camp at the state park lake…that is until I saw all the signs filled with much to do in the city. I decided it would be a good night for a hotel stay and maybe a show.

I was talking with my folks and learned my grandmother Edith use to love Branson and taking in the shows! I did not know that while on trek to the city but once I did I felt like she was with me for my evening and my dinner show!

From wagon races to settlers and Native tales, there were horses and buffalo and even pig and chicken races!  With a four course meal and cheers, it is an interesting event fun for family or solo!

It was definitely a packed show that left me a little teary eyed at the end!

The finale was a salute of Red, White and Blue. 10 horses and riders dressed in American colors and waving America flags as Dolly Parton (not in person but on the big screen) sang songs of freedom – “Color Me America”! The crowd stood and I could not help but feel my country pride boiling and the honor and gift I have to be able to do an adventure of this sorts! I have traveled to many countries and in many areas that women do not have the rights they have here – I am humbled, and honored to be the daughter and sister of military men who helped give the freedoms I have to be on a trip like this! Thank you – cheer to the show for bringing this up in me!


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