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Restful get-a-way

The rain started as just a simple spring shower and became a cold, continuous drip! It was interesting to cross from Missouri and look right at the gray sky I was heading toward in Arkansas!

I was on a mission, I had a room for the night Hyatt Place in Rogers, AR and could not have asked for a better location!  I got to see some sights as I rode in and one made my chill feel a little less as I rode through Pea Ridge Battlefield – National Military Park! I read through accounts from the soldiers of their fingers being so cold that they could not even load their pistols – not even to save their lives! I definitely was not that cold, and the weather today was in the 60’s not sub-zero temps of December 1862! It was a very neat site and determined to drive through the battlefield even in  the rain, made for a unique viewing as I only saw one other car the entire 7 mile loop!

Then I heard the hotel was ready, and man was I! I got in and took off my rain suit outside so as not to completely soak the lobby. Amelia got front row parking under the awning and off I went to the 5th floor!

A quick order from their 24-hr food gallery and then a warm bath! I have always been a lover of the rain and storms, but I must say I enjoy them so much more with a warm cup of coffee and looking out my fifth floor window into the rolling hills in the hazy distance than riding through it on tarmac.

Complete with work desk, living area and bedroom – I was completely set and ready to work! Thank you Hyatt Place Rogers, AR for such a  great stay and the staff were very kind as well!


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