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So what’s a Million Years

It did not occur overnight and truly makes one reflect on the famous saying, “a journey of a thousands miles begins with one step” –  it may have taken a million years but the Ozark uplift created mountains, then the rains eroded the surface, then rivers and streams created even deeper crevices that joined with rain water between the layers of limestone to create these amazing caverns throughout Missouri!

There are over 6,000 caves in the Missouri Ozarks, Bridal Cave is just one that I was able to visit and I had moments where I just held my mouth open in awe at the wave-like ripples in the stone! It was stunning!  In Camdenton, MO I rode to the caves before I stopped at the Lake of the Ozarks State Park for some camping. To go from the beauty of the underworld to the calmness of the lakes above is such a pure and calming experience!

And if you are married and would like to renew your vows – next Feb. 14, 2016 you can go to Bridal Cave for free, renew your vows, and get a goodie bag and pass for free lifetime entrance to the cave! They are called Bridal Cave and have held over 3000 weddings inside even on the day I visited after the tour and coming out there was the bridal party and guest ready to enter for the ceremony.

2 Comments on So what’s a Million Years

  1. Janet Mason // April 16, 2015 at 5:58 pm // Reply

    On the road again…” Hey did you get to Crystal Bridges. Even just seeing the grounds is awesome. But maybe not so great in the rain. Janet

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  2. I did not – the one day there was Tuesday and they were closed – it cleared up a little that afternoon for a short time but with it being closed and such a nice stay – I got caught up on my internet work as the weeks ahead will have me moving miles quickly and much camping!

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