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I have had a respect and admiration for Amelia Earhart for many years, and when going off on adventure for a year ( statements of correlation from my great-aunt) on my Triumph Bonneville I named her Amelia!

Now 7 months in we have had some pretty fantastic Adventures filled with ups and downs, great weather and scary weather, and so much in between!

The power of historical figures in their ability to inspire is one of the greatest gift in literacy! I love that I have been able to read about so many women and men in history that I can look up at and think – yeah let’s do it!

While at the end of my days in Kansas I was able to head north out of Kansas City into Atchison and visit the Birthplace home of Amelia Earhart! Which the town is a bit magical with stunning historic homes and beautiful brick streets, with rolling hills and greenery …”Toto am I still in Kansas?”

I was lucky to be there with no other visitors. Just me and the women running the home (who was in her 70’s), we chatted and I got to hear stories that had been shared with her from Amelia’s sister and stories from other family members. It was a unique and special time and I think that she could see my true admiration for Amelia Earhart and so she spent a good half hour in the downstairs with me explaining much of the home and stories!

Even the bookshelves that hold original copies of  adventure stories Mrs. Earhart read as a child, it was great to see similar titles that had inspired adventure when I too was a child Рso many years apart but literature led to desire to see more and live more this was alive within us both!

See more pictures from my time here in the Kansas folder -http://bt2bt.smugmug.com/KS/

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