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As summer approaches – schools are out of session, my project on this trip to donate a classroom set to schools in every state will not be possible with the gaps of sessions…but I have decided to create a new project around it!

I am very passionate about humanitarianism and helping to inspire new generations with all the good that they can do- keeping that in mind I have altered my original mission to now be sure to mail a signed copy out to a child in every state!

To complete this project I need your help! Please see the site for the book – Purposeful Wanderings! Find out if the theme and age is appropriate for someone you know – then use my contact page and send me their name, age, and address and I will sign a book to them and send it out!

With you help Project Philanthropy will provide a book in hand for a child in all 50 states for free! Let’s inspire literacy and philanthropy all in one, thank you.


4 Comments on Project Philanthropy

  1. Kenneth Andrews // May 9, 2015 at 6:31 pm // Reply

    my grandson is a voracious reader at 9 and would love one!! He rides with me A Lot!!

  2. My husband reads to a Headstart class weekly. Could the be eligible?

    • Colleen – the young readers is for ages 10 and up…but please email me the information and number of head start children at info@dl-couture.com and I would love to give you guys a set of Cultural Coloring books – a children’s coloring book I created!

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