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Soundtrack of life

Photo credit - Triumph North America

There are so many things we can learn through music, it has been a part of human nature for as long as we were able to pick up objects with our hands!

I think music creates the soundtrack to our lives and I love having mine circling through my helmet as I ride! People often wonder if I have completely silent helmet time and contemplation…and yes maybe only 10% of the time though.  Part of my daily prep in putting my helmet on is preparing my music! I think music can often guide you into those depths of contemplation…and man do I get those out on the open road for hours!

I have always loved varied – in so many aspects of living – but definitely in music. I do not just listen to one type on the road or in my stationary life, I love quite a bit, as long as it moves me or plays to an emotion then it is the right music!

Often it will fade into the background as my thoughts or ideas run rampent..but you might also catch me dancing as I ride, it is just something that I cannot control! Good music moves the soul and the body so why fight it.

On the road I am trying to learn Harmonic and a Lakota Flute both are going well, although I mostly spend my camping time learning the flute now as it blends so well with the nature and birds around me! I like the Harmonic for jam sessions with musicians as they help guide me and make my limited skills sound good!

I have been refreshed of my love to live music and also to playing music on this trip…for many years I had stopped – not sure why exactly I guess the age-old reasoning of life got busy. As a child I played the piano, as a teen I took a year of guitar… then when I went off to college and university I just stopped! One thing is for sure – wherever I end up after this journey – learning a new instrument or igniting old loves will be a part of my life!

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  1. I know u will accomplish what u set out to do, u r a free spirit gal

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