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Winterized Spring – Overland Expo

Right now I am sitting at the base of Zion mountains camping by the river and watching hummingbirds play and deer nibble on fresh spring berries! This after an amazing 4 days at the Overland Expo West.

The weather was calling for it, out running tornadoes and braving T-storms – the only way to make it from the east back west for what would turn out to be an adventure in weather all it’s own!

Arriving to a beautiful day, soon the clouds began to roll in and created a mud puddle for the weekend. We had winds, snow, rain and weird gusts of all three…and yet in true Overland fashion it was amazing!

I was part of the Author group tent again this year and sold out of the Young Readers edition – Purposeful Wanderings and almost sold out of Philanthropic Wanderlust (was quite pleased considering you had to cross a lake of rain water to get to our tent- our adventure readers braved it!)

This year was my talk in the main theater on my first 8 months of my Black Tie 2 Black Top journey. I had a few AT issues but once resolved I talked to a packed house! I felt so honored to be able to share my story and to have so many people interested. The talk about my journey was set up more as an inspirational lecture on getting out the comfort zone living and taking on that unconventional life! After my presentation people kept coming up to me with warm regards and kind words! It was wonderful!!

I also did a demo on packing up the medium sized bike and my choice for the adventure a Triumph Bonneville decked out in Giant Loop Moto bags. The group had great questions on things from the bike mechanics, to the type of under gear and outer gear (REV’IT) that I use on this journey.

For the past 3 years I have been a part of the panel on philanthropy and Doing Good as you Go and this year was great again! I find that even in a large crowd…it is that one person you reach that is changing their lives by changing the lives of others – what inspiration at this event.

It was also an amazing weekend for networking, growth and new kit. I am happy to have the new Atlas Throttle lock now on Amelia for the ride, and no more crazy cords everywhere as I am rocking out with Sena for the ride! (and my month 9 and forward will be captured with their cameras). I have also received a beautiful jacket to wear when off the bike (used as the commuter jacket in town on your bike it is quite versatile ) the clean lines and elegant cut of Aether gear is stunning – now when walking the cities I will do so in style and not just my under-layer heated gear jacket! So excited for all the new future endeavors that OX held the doors open for and you can expect some great updates within the next month as things go official.

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