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Cambodia-Joining the “Ride of My Life” –

At Overland Expo just a few short weeks back I was invited by Brad Barker of The Ride of My Life to join their team about to depart for an amazing Cambodia Adventure.

I was not able to get the post out pre-departure…but it works out because now I am writing you from Cambodia! I will be in country about 9 days and experiencing as much as possible. We will do a few days as “tuk-tuk” riding tourist around Siem Reap and to Angkor Wat and then we will get our Yamaha 250 dirt bikes for some back road adventuring through Cambodia. Once we are good and muddy and exhausted we will arrive in Phenom Penh and provide 22 quilts and 2 baby quilts from my foundation Threading Hope to the SHE rescue House (for more on this visit http://www.ThreadingHope.com)

So for now cheers to adventure…and yes this break to ride Cambodia is approved and within the guidelines of Guinness World Record so when I return I will pick BT2BT ride back up and continue on my year journey through all 50 states and Canada…but you know it is not too bad of a reason to pause!

Stay the most up to date on all the adventure through my Black Tie 2 Black Top Facebook and my Danell Lynn Twitter and Instagram pages!

1 Comment on Cambodia-Joining the “Ride of My Life” –

  1. Rick Alba // June 7, 2015 at 1:56 pm // Reply

    Amazing opportunity! “Live your dash” is what I say. Be safe.

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