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Cambodia and Her People

There is an underlying spirituality here for sure. The calm that washes over you as you take in the environment, the people and even the technical riding…there is a spirit that resides within this beautiful country.

I felt moved in the presence of children along the Mekong river that played and laughed although their home was a shack their lives were unbelievably rich! The children in Cambodia reached deep within me as the young often can…they still have the innocence and far enough removed from the late 1970’s Khmer Rouge and Civil War that followed…they are just in love with life and it is contagious.

This trip was filled with improved riding skills and new challenges that I overcame on the bike. I leave with a new dirt confidence and will hear my team in my ear when I hit that hard patch of soft sand – “just let it dance, throttle up….” They were great supporters and teachers could not have had a better group and my sweep guide – Dave from Cambodia was amazing and really took time to teach me the skills that created a wonderful off-road journey for me.

I will be back to Cambodia one day – the country will stick with me for a while and on our second to last day in country we walked along the killing fields and sadly that too will stick with me – as it had just rained so many bones had risen to the surface – it is heart wrenching sometimes what humanity does to its own kind. Every time I visit or read about atrocities like this … I just truly cannot understand how one person does this to another…and yet the country smiles and her people hold deep hopes and joy even though the darkness was not much more than 30 years ago.

Cambodia has my heart – she has moved me and I have fallen in love with the joy and spirit that resides here. It has been an amazing journey and so honored that The Ride of My Life let me be a part of the documentary journey here! (The film should release in the next 6 months)

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