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We often forget inside the cush of life that there is so much pain and incomprehensible decisions being made. When I first was asked about coming on the Cambodian “The Ride of My Life” expedition I immediately wondered how can Threading Hope be of use while there. I had read a couple of books and watched a few documentaries over the years on the problems of human trafficking little girls and wanted our quilts to somehow go to these children.

With research I found the SHE Rescue Home and began to correspond with the Phenom Penh program.  The work that they are doing is moving to say the least and so very powerful. While at the same time – for me – creating an internal unease and disgust with humanity – as many of the young girls trafficked are as little as 6 years old and sold for the evening to international pedophiles that come to this underground network specifically for that reason.

It is heart wrenching but because of people like those in this group there is hope at least for some of these girls to find a new path. The saddest thing is many of the children are sold into these rings by their parents as a way to pay off debts.

SHE Rescue Home staff David welcomed us into the center to meet with him and learn more of the program. We provided them 22 quilts and 2 baby quilts to their request for the girls at the home and the 2 babies born to rescued girls in their care.

He was very thankful and let us know that the girls would find much joy in the quilts and that many only come into the facility with just the one set clothes that they are wearing…and now they will each have their very own quilt hand-made with love from quilt donations around the nation. So humbled to be a part of the healing even at a distance. Thank you SHE Rescue Home for all you do!

Here is a video they have put together where you can learn more:

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  1. Barbara Wright // June 16, 2015 at 12:02 am // Reply

    I appreciate what they are doing to help these kids. I believe that the death penalty is an appropriate punishment for anybody selling little girls and boys!! You are right, it is beyond disgusting!!

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