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Simplicity on the Road

It is amazing to me what you can pack your life down into…and I thought I went small when I put all my belongings into a 10×7′ storage shed…that was until I decided to live out of 3 bags for a year.

1 pannier is for food and my kitchen, 1 is for my clothing allowance (that is except the outer REV’IT gear I ride in), my larger bag is my home all my inside gear for my tent and putting together my bedroom each night (you can see more on all my bags – Giant Loop, my tent – LoneRider, Kit and gear and my riding gear – REV’IT on the Bike & Kit page on my website).

There are days that I still feel like I carry too much, and yet when I really look at what I have simplified my life to, for this year on the road, it amazes me how little we really need.

And yet in such a simplified and planned organization on the road – this week I somehow lost my wrench for my rear axle bolt so that I could tighten my chain…where on earth it could have gone – no idea (so guess it would have to be the first lost object on the road…actually the second as I did lose my hair wrap in high winds. It pulled and blew right out the helmet just last month) This also does not count the Jetboil lid that was stolen by Virginia mountain rats! (literally rats). But in the grand scheme of 10 months on the road, not to bad I think.

Although I know returning to a “typical” lifestyle will have more needs / wants, I know I will live with less. Before this trip I was embracing the beauty of less and now I will do so with so much more insight into to what it is that I really need! It will be exciting to go back through all those tubs in my 10×7′ and wonder what I was thinking when I paid to store some of this “stuff”!

(The picture used for this post is from my prep days pre-departure, I have since pared down even more while out on the road)

4 Comments on Simplicity on the Road

  1. I can relate…I keep looking at my stuff to see what I can shed from the bike because it still look like I have too much stuff on the bike. I have already shipped 3 packages back home of stuff I didn’t need.

  2. Barbara Wright // July 24, 2015 at 12:04 am // Reply

    Really enjoying keeping up with you! How many more states do you have to cover in the next two months?

  3. drmajohnson // July 24, 2015 at 1:29 pm // Reply

    Hi Danell, I was wondering how many more states you had to travel in the next 2 months. You have done an amazing job and I’m waiting to learn more as you write up more details! Love,
    Aunt Maryann

  4. I guess we see we can survive if we really try as you are doing it, you are a blessed individual showing the world you can do this Keep those wheel rolling and safe travel.

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