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Glaciation and …

With the natural “old-growth forests, wind-swept prairies, ancient glaciers, and deep lakes” it is no wonder they consider this a world in itself. The ride through the park is on the famed -“Going to the Sun” road that will take you either west to east or east to west – the choice is yours.

For a world in itself it sure opened the doors wide to how small a world we are all riding. During my time in Yellowstone I met fellow Triumph rider – Rob and his family in a parking lot…and they were also headed to Glacier (put that with 5 campgrounds and all full what were the odds that we met up again just one row apart once I finally found a site).

The smallness continued as I rode into the last campground in hopes for an open site as they were all full… and for the last two campground I was circling within the with another Bonneville and BMW rider. So when I stopped to ask the camp host if there was anything left – well the universe stepped in again.

There were a couple other people waiting to talk with her and my two fellow camp hopefuls parked nearby when a man walked up and stated that he had paid for a site and did not need it anymore! Before the sentence was out of his mouth I glanced at my other two riders and asked the man – can we buy it from you! Thus the family – community site began. Josh, Cody and I all introduced ourselves and then rode off to site C-133 to set up camp.

After we got our site set up we were met by another rider – a woman on the road solo for two months…thus Valerie joined the family on site C-133. Then we were doing our dinners when a bicyclist rode up and asked if he could have a spot, thus Buddy became a part of the family.

Then I got a text from a fellow adv. world rider – Alex from Germany and he also became a part of our small world family. (Alex and I would be ride buddies the next day across Montana)!

Thank goodness they did not have rules to how many tents can set up on one site – because we sure filled it! I ended up extending a day and for day 2 it was just Josh, Cody, Alex and I. We did a small ride together into town for firewood, dinner and wine! We had a great community evening of riders and stories – the history of this area bringing people together as a meeting place sure continues. It was lovely.

3 Comments on Glaciation and …

  1. Great comradery sounds like there was hardy room left on your site for a campfire !!!! 😂

  2. drmajohnson // July 26, 2015 at 1:52 am // Reply

    Hi Danell, It was amazing to read about the “family” you had on site C133. That must have been great fun for all of you! Love,
    Aunt Maryann

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