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Fun in Foods

I have talked about my talented grandmother before and as the adventure continues it has been fun to receive my refills of dehydrated foods on the road.

Grams has been experimenting with what she can dehydrate and has made some great concoctions for me to create within my Jetboil or with a few fresh additions.

Pictured on this blog feature page is of Coconut bacon (a vegan delight) and makes some wonderful BLT’s on the road. I have also made from her dehydrated foods – cheese pasta, tomatoes, roasted garlic, added a bit of olive oil and man – tasty!

For breakfast most of my days are packed with a hardy granola (did I mention that all grams foods are processed / preservative free…I know…I really do know how lucky I am). To the granola, that is already packed with goodness, I add some of her dehydrated apples, grapes or cherries, and a few tablespoons of Chia seeds to top it off!

The other night it was a little chilly in northern Minnesota so I was able to do a soup with her dehydrated corn and carrots. Adding to it a pinch of garlic salt, garlic powder and about a tablespoon of the minced onions she also sent.

There are so many options and so much that can be made, I have learned so many new camp ideas and my grandmother is to credit as well as for keeping me well feed! I worried about losing weight on such a long journey as this and she has made sure that I never feel hunger pains! So to Grandma Phyllis – thank you and much love your way – it is a joy to cook and consume your creations. Below is a picture of the creation of the BLT – all my snacks and meals come labeled and packed in zip-locks for ease of use and creates great meal organization. image


2 Comments on Fun in Foods

  1. Janet Mason // July 29, 2015 at 5:59 pm // Reply

    Awesome Grandma

    Sent from my iPad


  2. drmajohnson // July 30, 2015 at 12:23 am // Reply

    Hi Danell, you surely made your Grandma feel great in that last message and the food sounds
    great even to me a non-vegan. Travel safely and I’ll “catch” you next time! Love,
    Aunt Maryann

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