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A Little Oddity with a Big Name

What drew me to Salem, New Hampshire was not what might first come to mind – but I wanted to venture through the grounds of America’s Stonehenge.

Not sure what I expected as I had not researched it all nor seen pictures just a listing in red on my map to guide me! Now I spent 4 years in my youth in the United Kingdom and when I thought of Stonehenge…I did not picture at all what I was about to see.

Although it does not give you the sense of the famous name -this location opened in 1958 as “mystery hill caves” and is a little more fitting… but due to the historical belief of what the site may have been used for they changed the name in 1982.

It is privately owned and is $12 (at the time of this writing) for entrance and you are given a very detailed map and can stroll through at your own pace.  All specific sites are listed by number or letter and it corresponds to the map so it is easy to self-guide through this historic site.

It is not too large, but in its quickness it holds on to you with something special! Was enjoyable and they had alpaca which I swear smiled  at me…but that might be more my desire to have a cabin and little farm and raise alpaca for yarn and knit my own socks…one day!

2 Comments on A Little Oddity with a Big Name

  1. Hi Danell, You really keep me waiting for more of your blogs and really waiting for your book I’m sure will follow!! How many more days to finish this big adventure? Then what do you have planned? I can envision you in a little home with alpaca and other animals and then you decide to do another “Great Adventure”! That’s okay I ‘ll come and take care of your home and animals!
    Aunt Maryann

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