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Denali National Park

As I left Fairbanks on highway 3 south I kept seeing this monster of a mountain in the distance. I thought could it be – am I seeing Mt. McKinley from here!

I pulled over to take a picture as I was not sure if the clouds would move in by the time I got to Denali National Park (which turns out was a good move)!

At just 120 miles south of Fairbanks it was a wonderful trip to take on the way to Anchorage or if you have the time to spend a few days to do hiking / fishing! Trails are maintained and you can even take a ranger led hike if preferred!

During the day I was there hiking in the main area was restricted to the road as the moose were “rutting” and so for pictures you could not leave the roadway either. Although through my 15 mile road trip into the park I did not have the luck for moose viewing. I did get a very distant viewing (through a neighbors binoculars) of 3 mountain sheep just hanging out way up high.

Since my morning departure the clouds had also moved into the area and Mt. McKinley was just a dark outline behind the thick clouds. So glad that I was able to view its greatness from such a distance earlier that morning.

Alaska is not called the final frontier for nothing and the magnificence of the valley you drive into for Denali is breathtakingly huge! You are so very small as the millions of years old mountains look down on you – as if to say – “welcome, enjoy”. Take a deep breath and just enjoy the magnificence that is Alaska as she gives you so many gifts each day if you are open to receiving them – and Denali is one of many!

See more photos of my day in Denali on my photo-share site: https://bt2bt.smugmug.com/1-Woman-1-Bike-1-Year/Denali-NP-Alaska/

2 Comments on Denali National Park

  1. Barbara Wright // September 9, 2015 at 7:23 am // Reply

    Loved your slide show! I, too, have seen Denali’s magnificence! Alaska is a beautiful state!

  2. I loved seeing a lot of Alaska while I lived on Kodiak, Alaska for 4 years. I flew to small parts on a plane delivering mail and had a lot of different experiences in the process but NOTHING like you’ve had traveling on your motorcycle and traveling for a year!! Your trip is AMAZING!
    Love, Aunt Maryann

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