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To SHIP or not to SHIP

That was the question. I went back and forth and weeks of research on shipping my Amelia to Hawaii. I looked into planes and boats, and then also had to add weather into the picture as has been the case on much of this journey. I could ship Amelia from Alaska for about $2200 and it would take over 2 weeks to a month for her to arrive in Hawaii or I could ride back to Southern California and ship from San Deigo for approx. $900 and 3 day wait. Both would be crated and ready to ships  across the ocean. The same ocean that in the last 2 weeks has had 3 category 5 hurricanes in the path to Hawaii. ( You may have heard about the national weather service flash flood warnings that have occurred often lately here in HI- and seen the pictures of the sewage overflow into the beaches because of this.)

So I made the decision that was right for me – with just 4 full days in Hawaii I would not risk the loss of shipping or being stuck without Amelia and having to rent anyways.  Today – day 2 of riding I got caught in a storm but thanks to my Sena 10c that gets radio I was able to have the weather warning of exactly where the flash flooding was and I routed around it. I got soaked with the rain but made it safely around the storms. And as I sit writing this another severe weather and flash flood warning are coming in for the next 3 hours.

My Guinness World Record has to be on the same bike – it is for Longest Journey in Single Country on Motorcycle – Guinness will only count my miles in the lower 48 but to hold that record title “in single country” call me a purist – I wanted to really ride the country-all 50 states. It was important to me that I rode a Bonneville here in Hawaii and not just any bike. So I rented a Limited Edition T-100 – the 110 year Anniversary Model as a celebratory ride and anniversary of my own. There were only 1000 of these bikes made in 2012 and I rode number 510! Hitting Hawaii means I made my trip goal – I created and began planning this trip almost 3 years ago and to hit number 50 is very exciting. All 50 states and Canada on a Bonneville in a year! But I am not done yet.

From here I will fly back to Alaska – uncover Amelia’s chilly bones and hop on a ferry through the inner passages of Alaska. I will land in Bellingham, WA back on the mainland on my 1 year anniversay Sept 19th. I will then spend time with my brothers in Washington to celebrate this journey and fantastic undertaking and finally head south home to visit friends and family in Arizona near the end of September! I will of course still be traveling as I head home and there are still sites to see that I have not explored.

Although sad to have not had Amelia in Hawaii it was a beautiful ride throughout the island of Oahu. Many sites to see and even enjoyed the perfect campsite right on the ocean of the north shores- my own little private beach! During my sunset swim I was joined by 2 sea turtles – it was quite magical.

I look forward to the next and last few weeks of this journey and seeing what it all will hold. After I arrive home I will submit for the GWR and hopefully have news soon that I am new record holder!!

2 Comments on To SHIP or not to SHIP

  1. Wow! great idea to rent a boneville! We are cheering for you!

  2. Todd Flora // April 25, 2019 at 3:51 pm // Reply

    Thanx for the link!
    I love your story about Amelia. I actually felt bad that she had to remain in Alaska. I.ve enjoyed all of your videos, pics, and think I’ve read almost all of your journal entries and remain fascinated by you and your efforts.
    Believe me I knew that there was another Danell that we at the department were not seeing. I do hope that I may be able to sit down at some point and chat more outside of work because I have a million questions about the Danell none of us know.
    Thanx for sharing your incredible journey with the rest of us.

    Your soon to be former co-worker…

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