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Amelia and Santa’s Sleigh

A short story – ( this is a fun work of fiction inspired by a visit to the North Pole Alaska during my year long journey with my motorcycle – a Triumph Bonneville named Amelia – just a funny little “doodle” of words.)
“It is Santa,” she exclaimed with excitement! Is my headlight bright enough to lead Santa’s sleigh she wondered. There it was just sitting in the field empty and no one else around. So she down shifted into 2nd rolled out on the gravel road and lined up to deliver happiness to children all around the world.

Then she wondered, “but what happiness could I bring, the sleigh was empty, no presents to give.” She turned her key off and pondered this point for a moment deciding to leave the “house of santa” and take back where she felt most at home – the open road.

“But what do I have to give if there are no presents…” then she saw a young girl who also called this open road home…Amelia and the young girl met and would have many adventures together. It turns out that the present Amelia had all along – was that she was Amelia! That was all that was needed – a Bonneville and the open road – Happy Christmas in September!


2 Comments on Amelia and Santa’s Sleigh

  1. Barbara Wright // September 12, 2015 at 3:17 am // Reply

    Lovely story!

  2. That was a cute story. I read it to my kids. We want to know how Amelia left Arizona and made it to hawaiian island ?! šŸ™‚

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